German certified tax advisors specialized in advising Swedish companies and Swedish individuals

If you are looking for a German tax advisor (Steuerberater) for Swedish companies or Swedish individuals, the tax law firm GHS is the right contact for you. Our tax law boutique specializes in providing tax advice on cross-border cases.

We are German certified tax advisors whose focus is on German and international tax law. In the course of our advisory work we also handle cases with a connection to Sweden. Therefore, one of our core competences are German inbound cases of Swedish companies and individuals.

Our tax services for Swedish companies and Swedish individuals

Sweden and Germany are important trading partners for each other. The relationship between Stockholm and Berlin is one of trust. A large number of goods and services move between the two countries. For these transactions we offer high-level German tax advice.

GHS offers the full range of tax services for cross-border cases between Sweden and Germany. Our services include:

  • Tax-optimized structuring for investments by Swedish companies and individuals in Germany
  • Advice on German corporate tax law for Swedish companies
  • Advice on German income tax law for Swedish individuals
  • Tax advice on cross-border financing
  • Tax advice on German withholding taxes
  • Support with German tax audits
  • Support in disputes with the German tax authorities (litigation)
  • Tax advice on transfer pricing for transactions between Sweden and Germany

Structuring advice for investments by Swedish companies and individuals in Germany

If you, as a Swedish company or Swedish individual, would like to invest in German companies or assets, we will examine for you how this investment can be carried out in a tax-optimized manner. We advise, for example, which legal form or which form of financing is most advantageous from a tax point of view in the relevant individual case.

We do not provide standardized advice, but examine each case individually and conscientiously. Because in tax law, the details are decisive. The smallest differences in the situation can already change the tax assessment.

Specialization in M&A tax

We also specialize in providing tax and financial advice in the context of restructurings as well as sales and acquistions of companies (M&A tax). Therefore, we are the right partner for Swedish companies and individuals with connections to German tax law planning to sell or restructure their business or that intend to acquire a German business. Very often, there is considerable (tax) optimization potential in Germany in these constellations, which we would like to leverage together with our clients.

Our services in the field of M&A tax include tax due diligences, tax advice on the structuring and financing of transactions, and support in negotiating tax clauses. We also assist with finance issues and purchase price negotiations. We provide these services to strategic investors and to financial investors.

Advice to Swedish clients on German withholding taxes

Advising on German withholding taxes is another area of expertise of GHS. German withholding taxes can arise in various service relationships between Swedish companies and German companies. The withholding taxes become relevant for Swedish investors in particular when a German subsidiary distributes dividends to Swedish companies or individuals. In addition, German withholding taxes are relevant for royalty payments from German companies to Swedish companies.

Very often, withholding taxes withheld in Germany must be refunded to Swedish investors due to tax exemptions in the double taxation treaty (DTT) between Germany and Sweden or an European directive. However, such claims must be recognized and actively asserted with the German tax authorities.

In some cases, early action can even prevent withholding taxes from being levied in Germany in the first place. In this way, liquidity can be protected. We will be happy to advise you on the best course of action in your individual situation.

Advice on double taxation treaties between Germany and Sweden

DTTs are treaties under international law between different countries. These treaties regulate which country receives the right of taxation for income with a nexus to the respective states. Each DTT is negotiated individually between two countries. Different DTTs are therefore never identical and each one has its own unique features. These special features are often hidden in the details.

The DTT between Germany and Sweden takes into account the pecularities of the tax law systems of the two countries. As a result, this DTT differs from other DTTs in many places. For this reason, it is particularly important that every cross-border case is carefully examined. We will be pleased to assist you in this tax examination.

Support in disputes with the German tax authorities

We also defend our clients’ interests against the German tax authorities. In doing so, we are active in both out-of-court and in-court disputes. In addition, we provide support during German tax audits.

Due to our specialization in international tax law, our strength lies particularly in defending our clients in cross-border cases. This includes the defence of cases between Germany and Sweden.

We look forward to hearing from you

If you are a Swedish company or a Swedish individual looking for German tax advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact one of our partners directly. In an initial discussion with this partner, we can clarify how we can improve your tax situation.

At GHS you will meet a young and dynamic team that already gained a lot of experience in the field of high-level tax advise. We guarantee that we will devote ourselves to your questions with the utmost dedication and aim to deliver the highest quality. We look forward to getting to know you.